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Nights of the Jack: a DRIVE-THRU Halloween experience

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Nights of the Jack has shifted to a DRIVE-THRU Halloween experience for this season!

We had the opportunity to experience this event for ourselves and I should start saying that the kids absolutely loved it! They kept saying they were in happy pumpkin land. There’s so much to see and the set up and lighting is incredible. The new extended driving trail features thousands of hand-carved and illuminated Jack O’ Lanterns as well as detailed artist depictions of movie stars, sports heroes and animated characters.

The driving trail is approximately one mile long and it is self-guided from your vehicle. Speed limit is 5MPH and there is no getting out of the vehicle at any time. We went for opening day so there was no line for us making it easier to stop and take a few pictures but either way if it's busy you will still have time to stop and enjoy all the beautiful displays.

Here is what you need to know before you go:

🎃 Bring your own snacks! due to strict LA County Health Department regulations, NO food and beverage will be made available this season at the event. You can be proactive and buy snacks in advance or you can be like us and stop at the nearest grocery store. There’s an Albertsons about 3 miles before getting to the ranch. We also decided stopped at a Starbucks to grab a quick coffee and chocolate milk for the kids.

🎃 Bring your masks! you won’t be getting down from your car but you will be need them when entering the ranch. The entry starts with a dirt road so you will see lots of dust in the air, they adviced us to keep our masks on until we entered the main trail. Once you enter the main trail everything will clear up.

🎃 Stay in your vehicle at all times. You're going to want to take pictures and just do the best that you can. It's hard taking pictures from within your car but it is possible. We were driving at 5mph with many continued stops, take advantage of the stops and take pictures then.

🎃 Make it fun for the whole family and dress up for the occasion! Even though you won’t be getting out of the car, you can still make the best out of your experience. Get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up and taking some fun photos in or outside of your car to document this new normal. You can also take a fun family picture by their huge sign at the corner of Mulholland Hwy. You'll be glad you did.

🎃 As no one will be permitted to leave their vehicle, no restrooms will be made available, be sure to prepare fo this.

Ticket Information:

This season Nights of the Jack will be charging per vehicle. Your ticket will be valid for the legal number of occupants permitted in the vehicle. Every occupant must be in a seatbelt or car seat.




Dates/ Times:

Nights of the Jack takes place from:

October 1st - November 1st.

Open from 6:30pm and close at 11:00 pm.

First designated time slot is at 6:30pm or 7:00pm depending on the date and last time slot is at 10:00 pm. *Please note, attendees will only be admitted up until 10:30pm.*Advanced ticket purchase is required and you can get them here.

Do not arrive any sooner than 15 minutes prior to your designated time slot or you will not be allowed in.



It's great to see all these fun Halloween experiences up and running. With so many people trying to stay healthy this is the perfect alternative to stay safe. This is a fun, and safe event all families can enjoy. Hope tou Can get to experience this special event just as much as we did. If you go, please make sure to tag me.

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Hope you have a sweet day!

-Angie G.

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