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Host your own At-Home-Movie Premier Party with ROW8

Updated: May 20, 2020

As a family, we love visiting the theaters to enjoy the latest family-friendly movies. With this stay-at-home order and theaters being closed that hasn't been an option. Subsequently, we are now trying to find creative ways to bring the movie-going experience to our home. With the help of ROW8, Collaboration Nation along with a list of brand partners, (KidsEmbrace, Franco Dreams, SunStaches, Kellogg's, and Basic Fun) we were able to pull off the most epic at-home- movie premier to enjoy the release of SCOOB! from the safety of our own home.

Viewing Party with Row8

We had the best experience with ROW8 and we love the option of being able to watch premium movies at the lowest price available. We set up our laptop and projector to stream the SCOOB! movie in our family room, it was easy and convenient. ROW8 movies can be watched anywhere and on any device like Roku, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and SamsungTV, all you have to do is download and install the ROW8 app.

ROW8 is the movie lovers' service dedicated to making it easy to get Hollywood hit movies from all major studios. We decided to go with ROW8 because they offer the lowest price on streaming media and never charge a subscription fee. ROW8 provides the best content discovery and movie viewing experience on any device at any time. 

Scooby Snacks

You can't have a movie premier without snacks. I created our own little concession stand which included your typical candy and popcorn but I also added my own touch by incorporating some fun and cute cheeseburgers cupcakes and some Scooby cupcakes in honor of Scooby- Doo's favorite snack. Thanks to our friends at Kellogg's for providing us with some delicious Scooby cinnamon graham crackers sticks.

SCOOB! Merch

What's a party without props? Thanks to SunStaches, Basic Fun and Franco Dreams we had some of to the cutest toys to help the kids get excited for the SCOOB! premier. We received the softest and most adorable mystery machine cuddle pillow from Franco Dreams along with some amazing Scooby-Doo sunglasses from SunStaches. My youngest was in love with the cuddly Scooby-Doo bean plush from Basic Fun. All these amazing toys can be added as party decorations for your viewing party and they also make great party favors! To join in on the fun and mystery solving, shop all your favorite toys at where you will find all the new SCOOB! merch.

It's all about creating fun memories for the kids during this difficult time. Hope this inspires you to set up your own in-home-movie experience. Use code GAXIOLA-ROW8 for $2 off to either rent or own your next movie at ROW8.COM

Enjoy! and have a sweet day!

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