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The Sweeter Taste of Life

Holiday Cookie Art with OSMO Masterpiece

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Traditions are so important to me, especially during the holidays. Love being able to make memories with my kids doing things that we all enjoy as a family. One of those things we count on doing every year is bake and decorate cookies.

This year my youngest Logan (who just turned 5 years old) learned how to cut his own cookies, something he wasn’t able to do last year. Another awesome skill he has gotten better at is drawing. He loves drawing and coloring so we knew introducing him to Osmo Creative Kit would be ideal for him this year.

Osmo Creative Starter Kit Nourishes the artist in your child! It is designed for ages 4–10. It blends real-life doodles with on-screen action in three amazing ways. It helps build your child’s creativity and communication skills while fostering endless imagination.

With Osmo Creative Starter Kit you can get three amazing games:

  • Monster: Bring drawings to life! When kids draw something on the board — for example, a magic wand — animated Mo will pull that very wand onto the screen and use it himself. Now that’s magic.

  • Newton: Physics meets doodles: Make onscreen falling balls land on target by drawing obstacles on the board. The balls bounce, roll, and ricochet, challenging kids to think in creative new ways.

  • Masterpiece: Transforming any image into simple-to-trace lines, makes it easy to create amazing artwork. Kids can even make cool time-lapse videos of the drawing process to share with their biggest fans.

All games available on android for iPad or Amazon Fire tablet.

When it came time to decorate our cookies we decided to try the Masterpiece Game to make it easier for Logan. Masterpiece can transform any image into an easy-to-follow outline. Using the screen as an interactive guide, Logan was able to decorate his cookies and he was having the best time while doing so.


  1. Put your device in a compatible Osmo Base with the red reflector over the device’s camera.

  2. Draw / Trace

  3. Osmo scans the table and your child’s creations comes alive on the screen!

With Masterpiece, no matter what you draw, you’ll always get the proportions and perspective exactly right. Setting it up for Logan was so easy and he did such an amazing job. I also love that with the Masterpiece game Logan was able to not only have fun but was also working on improving his drawing skills and dexterity. With Osmo Masterpiece Logan can choose objects to draw from the Osmo Masterpiece game library, or he can use his own images. Any real-life object can be transformed into a sketchable outline with the game.

We are enjoying Osmo and have started our own Osmo game collection. This holiday season add Osmo to your wishlist. All Osmo games provide different levels of difficulty and grow with the children. The magic of Osmo is that it fuses digital and physical play, like any other play system. Osmo is real play, real learning and it’s the perfect way to incorporate healthy screen time.

Learn more about Osmo and all their games including Masterpiece here. Have any questions, drop them down below.

Hope you have a sweet day!

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