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The Sweeter Taste of Life

Happy New Year!!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a great winter break. I took some time to relax and enjoy myself and family while combating a nasty cold.

Also, my house has been a mess!! So I’ve slowly tackled some areas and started some decluttering, which is one of the main things I am working toward executing more this new year. I’ve also notice that I get highly tense and overwhelmed when my house is in total disarray so I have to make sure I work on having an organizational plan at hand for my own sanity and to help my family members become more tidy.

With this in mind, I have listed some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2020;

1. Get Organized (practicing some minimalist habits but not quite going in full throttle. (Minimizing the clutter and maximizing our space).

2. Managing finances (Looking into ways to help my family save more and work towards becoming debt free. Will be focusing on the envelope system).

3. Self care and growth. (Cultivate a mind-body-soul balance)

4. Relationships (marriage, family and friends).

These are some of the resolutions toward a better lifestyle and they are listed in no particular order, all are equivalently as important. I want to make sure I am alleviating some stress factors around me so that I can focus on other important aspect of my life, like being a better mother, wife, friend etc.

I also want to work on ways to help hold my self accountable for these resolutions. I am planning on doing lots of research by reading and joining groups to better educate myself on ways to help achieve my goals. Any book recommendations and tips are welcome.

What are you working toward to this New Year? What are your goals and aspirations for 2020?

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