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Easy DIY Leprechaun Trap with Other Creative Ideas

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This year we decided to join in on the fun and get creative building a leprechaun trap. This new up and coming trend is so fun for kids. For us it started with a simple book “How to Catch a Leprechaun” by Adam Wallace. We read the book and my kids immediately wanted to jump on board to take on the challenge of being the fist kids to outsmart that little leprechaun and catch it. Their little brain wheels started turning and they began throwing ideas at each and started thinking of how they would create the strongest and most toughest trap to catch a leprechaun. Here are other fun ways to get the kids excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s day

Build a Leprechaun Trap

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or out of this world. Let your kids get creative and let their little minds explore all possibilities. If you don’t mind the mess, let them make whatever contraption they can think off. Beware, it might get sticky, messy, gooey, dusty you name it, it could happen. Lucky for me, their idea was not that complicated nor messy. Let’s hope this is always the case. Here are the materials we used to make our trap.

  • Lucky charms cereal box (you need the cereal for bait and you need the box for the trap)

  • Green tissue paper

  • Green construction paper (to make clovers)

  • Glue

  • White paper (make a rainbow)

  • Cotton balls (to make clouds)

  • Clear Tape

  • Gold wrapping paper, optional (we had some around and used it as a backdrop)

  • Cauldron (you can trace and color one but we got lucky and found some foam ones at the dollar store.

  • Gold coins! You must have gold coins (we left a trail of gold coins to the trap for the leprechaun to follow.

Leprechaun Mischief

If there’s a possibility that a leprechaun could stop by your house, there has to be traces that he was there. Here are some fun ways to incorporate a little mischief by the leprechaun.

  • Leave little glittery footprints. That little leprechaun is so quick he is bound to leave his glittery footprints somewhere. For us, it was while he took a potty break. He stood there long enough to leave his footprints. I used glitter glue markers that I found at the dollar store. They are so cute and easy to clean.

  • Speaking about potty, this fast little leprechaun was in such a hurry to not get caught that when he went potty he forgot to flush the toilet. We know this because, he left his glittery footprints by the toilet when he went potty and left the evidence.

  • Rainbows! You can’t have a leprechaun visit your house and expect not to leave any trace! Draw a few rainbows! For us, everything happened in our restroom so the sneaky little leprechaun left some rainbows on our mirrors. All I used was acrylic paint and something flat to smooth the paint, like a brush or finger.

Special Treats

We made these the same night before we made the trap. You need to have Lucky Charms cereal for bait because leprechauns love lucky charms cereal, everybody knows that. Check out the recipe how we made these delicious treats coming soon.

Special Gifts

Leave a nice little gift from the leprechaun. This leprechaun is so fast and so clever we couldn’t outsmart him but he is still kind and magical! So he left some cute St. Patrick’s Day gear for the kids to celebrate. Target dollar general for the win!

Hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing. This is such a cute and fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with kids and they have something fun to look forward to each year. Also, don’t forget to grab the book that started it all. Read the book to your little ones and plant the seed to see if they show interest.

Hope you have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you’ve enjoyed this post, please be sure to follow, share and pin! Have a sweet day!

-Angie G.

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