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DIY Farmhouse Easter Bunny Garland

Celebrate Spring and Easter by creating your own fun and inexpesinve home decorations. Decorating my house for every holiday is something I always look forward to. My kids might love the festivities that come with every holiday, but I seriously contemplate on how soon my decorations should go up. This year for easter I decided to try my luck in creating my own Easter Bunny Garland. When I was newly married and we got our first Christmas tree, I decided I wanted to do my own decorations and so I created my own ornaments. I still remember how warm it made me feel inside to know I created something personalized and special for my own family and ever since then, I have done little decorations here and there. I don't do it as often as I would love, but I seriously have a passion for home decor and home improvement.

I am so happy to share a step by step easy DIY Easter Bunny Newspaper Garland. If you decided to try doing this yourself you can skip the instructions and go straight to my video down below, don't forget to tag me in your pictures.

Farmhouse/ Rustic Style Garland


  • Scissors

  • Elmer's glue

  • Twine

  • Hole puncher

  • News paper

  • Construction paper (optional)

  • Cotton balls

  • Pencil

  • Bunny paper cut out or printable bunny from web

Time needed:

30 minutes

Total Cost:



  1. To start gather your supplies. Include an Easter Bunny cut out and if you can't find a cut out at the store, you can print any Easter Bunny outline from the web. Choose a design that works for you.

  2. Once you have your cut out or outline, you will need to use it to trace over the news paper. Gather about 10 pages leaving any color out and focusing on just black and white text. For this you can use any news paper or old book. I decided to go with newspaper because it was cheaper and I didn't want to ruin a book.

  3. Next, gather your pages and work carefully around them with a pair of scissors. Take your time with this step so that the bunnies can come out neat.

  4. This step is optional ( use constructions paper to glue to the back of the newspaper so that the back of the cut out can be firm. News papers is very thin and you can either double up on the newspaper to make it thicker by using construction paper. Another option is leaving it as is and just working very delicately so the paper doesn't rip.

  5. Next, you will need some cotton balls. Gather 10 cotton balls to glue to the bottom of each of the bunnies. These will be the tails of your bunnies, so size them accordingly and form them into a fluffy ball if they start to come apart.

  6. To attach the cotton bunny tails to the bunnies. I used Elmer's glue and it did the work. You can use any type of glue you'd like, for me Elmer's glue did the job.

  7. After the glue has dried and the bunnies' tails are securely attached to their backs, punch holes in the tips of all of the ears with a hole puncher. If you don't punch holes in both of the bunny's ears, they'll hang at an asymmetrical angle.

  8. The final step is to thread some twine through the bunnies' ears to ensure that they are all lined up and ready to be hung. You can string the bunnies with any material you want, but twine gives them a nice rustic look.

Quick and Simple Video

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Angie G.

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3 comentarios

Monica Villa
Monica Villa
25 mar 2021

So cute! Will have to try this for our mantle too!

Me gusta

Ericka Castanos
Ericka Castanos
25 mar 2021

Oh I love that video when you are making it. Now I'm going to sing it throughout the day. Now I know what I will be making today.

Me gusta

Stephany Bro
Stephany Bro
25 mar 2021

Oh this is so cute! I'm going to have to try this because we just got tons of newspaper in the mail!

Me gusta
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