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The Sweeter Taste of Life

Apple Picking at Willowbrook Apple Farm

Last year we visited Willowbrook Apple farm and introduced apple picking to our kids. We loved it so much and fell in love with the farm that we decided to make it a yearly tradition.

This year the Oak Glen community went through so much because of the Apple and El Dorado fires. We wanted to show our support and couldn’t wait to visit our favorite family owned apple farm. We were so glad we did because due to the recent fires, Willobrook has limited apples remaining. Every year their crop is different and with the affect the fires have had on their crop there aren't that many apples left.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels all warm and fuzzy driving up to Oak Glen. The smell of apple cinnamon lingers in the air despite the recent fires, this gave us the feeling that fall is officially here! It was such a busy weekend and we were so impressed to see everyone following Covid regulations. Willowbrook currently requires all staff members to wear masks and gloves. Masks are also mandatory for visitors at the farm. Apple picking tools will be sanitized in between uses and hand sanitizer will be on hand and available for use during the animal meet and greets.

U-pick apples

Willobrooke is small family own apple orchard planted in 1910, making their Stayman-Winesap apples over 100 years old. Their Stayman Winesaps are the main staple of the orchard and have a juicy off-white flesh that is firm and provides a sweet but slightly tart, wine-like flavor. They are great for eating raw, but also perfect apples for pies and sauces. Prices for their U-Pick, (which is based on size of bag and not weight).

Willowbrook offers a variety of apples:


Ripens Mid-September to Early October

The Jonagold is a cross between the crisp golden delicious and the blush-crimson Jonathan. They form a large sweet fruit with a thin skin. Jonagold is popular as a dessert apple.

Sweet Sixteen

Ripens Mid-September

Considered one of the best fresh-off-the-tree eating apples, it is extremely sweet with a richly complex flavor. Ripens in mid-September. The sweet sixteen has a flavor like vanilla with a hint of molasses and fine bourbon. A definite favorite!


Ripens Mid-September

A well-balanced, crisp apple known for extra juiciness due to its large cells. They are great for off-the-tree eating, but are also good for baking and our favorite, apple sauce.

Double Delicious

Ripens Late September

The double delicious combines the golden delicious and the red delicious, creating a sweet, plump and juicy apple that is great for eating off the tree or baking.

Seek No Further

Ripens Late September to Early October

This apple has a yellowish-white flesh that is crisp, tender and juicy. Considered a dessert apple, it has a highly distinctive taste and smell.


Ripens Mid to Late October

The liberty apple is derived from Macoun. It is a Macintosh-style apple with red skin and juicy flesh. The flavor is sharper than other Mac-related varieties with a sweet-tart flavor. They are great for eating raw but are also used for sautéed compotes and baking.

U-Press apple cider

Another reason why we love Willobrooke is because we get the opportunity to make our own freshly pressed apple cider using their old fashion cider pressing machines. This is something that our boys look forward to doing. They remembered how much fun it was when they did it last year and how amazing their apple cider tasted when we took it home. They have two machines available and it is such a fun experience for the whole family.


Organically grown blackberries and raspberries. Enjoy fresh raspberries and blackberries right off the vine. Their raspberries and blackberries are usually gone by October, so if you want some berries, they recommend you visit early in the season.

Farm Animals

They have a donkey, miniature horse, a bunny, and a few chickens. We got to see Miss Delilah, she is the farm’s pig and has grown so much since we first met her last year. Hand sanitizer will be on hand and available for use during the animal meet and greets.


Visit their country store for preserves, bbq sauces, caramel to go with their delicious apples and so much more.

W I N E and S’ M O R E S

Finding things to do with my family is what I live for. So when I came across Willowbrook Apple Farm I knew I had to visit. I loved the idea of being able to go apple picking and later sit by the bonfire to enjoy a nice glass of wine while the kids enjoyed making s'mores. When I heard about their Wine and S'mores event I knew it'd be the perfect way to spend the evening with my family.

Wine tasting and s’more events are held every Saturday and Sunday from 4-6pm during the months of September and October. This is such a beautiful event because the kids get to make s’mores by the bonfire and adults get to indulge in some delicious wine. Enjoy creating memories with your loved ones this season and book a reservation here.

Things to know before you go:

  • Check the weather

  • Wait times for entering the orchard can get long as the day progresses so make sure to get there early

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty (remember it’s still a farm)

  • No need for a wagon, we took ours and didn’t use it much.

  • Arrive early (parking on Oak Glen road only)

  • Portable restrooms only


12099 S. Oak Glen Rd.

Yucaipa, CA. 92399

Hours: Open Saturdays and Sundays

10am-4pm Apple Picking

4-7:00pm Wine and S’mores


Food is also available on site provided by; Toms BBQ Pitstop. It is a pop up catering service providing delicious bbq smoked meats, sides and deserts.

Oak Tree Mountain

If you are looking for something to do in between apple picking and their wine and s’mores event, check out Oak Tree Mountain Park, only down the street from Willobrook. The park has a village which offers the largest variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment.

The Village has live entertainment, Axe-Throwing, Fishing contests, Bumper Trucks races, Piglet races and Goat milking. It looks a little different due to Covid but they are slowly working on fully reopening. We stopped to grab a late lunch early dinner at Apple Annies (food was delicious), and had some fun petting their farm animals and even got to take some delicious apple pastries.

Head over to Oak Glen this fall with the family and make it an all day event. The community needs all the support they can get and you will create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and please share, pin, or save this blog for the future.

Hope you have a sweet day!

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