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The Sweeter Taste of Life

Tips for Traveling while Remote Learning

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We are extremely lucky to live in Southern California where we get to enjoy beautiful weather year round. Not only that, we get to enjoy going to many different places such as the beach, desert and snow. We love living in California and truly don't see ourselves living anywhere else.

Three weeks ago we decided to book a little cabin through Airbnb to go up to Big Bear to enjoy the snow. We had been wanting to visit and it just so happened that our trip landed the same day as Groundhog day, we figured if Phil ( the weather predicting Groundhog) said we had more winter time we might as well take advantage of it, which is exactly what we did.

This was our first time renting a cabin through airbnb, we had never rented a vacation rental before and to be honest part of the reason we jumped at the opportunity was because there was supposed to be a snow storm the week of our stay so we booked it, even though the weather ended up changing up on us and we didn't end up getting any snow, we were fortunate that there was still lots of snow left from the previous snow storm for us to play in.

We decided to try our luck renting a vacation home during the week and found the cutest little one room cabin with two available beds. If you know me you know I'm 100% a helicopter mom and wife haha! I try not to be but I honestly want to be around my family all day everyday and making sure they are safe, so this little cabin was perfect because I was able to stay close to them and have peace of mind. It also had its own garage with available washer and dryer which is so important when going to the snow because using snow gear or not, clothes always end up getting wet.

My children are distance learning so it was easy for us to pick up and leave (the advantage of homeschooling). The kids logged in to their zoom meetings every morning that we were there and we brought with us their backpacks with all the school work they were going to need for the days we were going to stay along with their laptops. We made sure we had available wifi during our stay which is another amenity you can check for when booking a vacation rental, my husband was also working so WIFI was a must.

Here are a few things to consider when booking a vacation rental:

Home Basics (smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguisher)

Hot Water


Heating and Cooling (in addition to fireplace)

Wifi (for remote learning or working)


Coffee Maker


Dishes & Silverware

Cooking Utensils

Stove and Oven

Available wifi

Work space



Washer and Dryer

Because we were expecting a snow storm we planned ahead of time and made sure we had food available throughout our stay, in fact, I pre-cooked all of our meals because I just thought it'd be easier for us and safer if we didn't have to go out on the icy roads.

Here's a list of what we took with us to our mini vacation:


Spaghetti and meatballs

Albondigas soup

Pre-made lasagna or fettuccini Alfredo (make sure there is an oven available)

Pre-made pizza

Instant breakfast sandwiches

Pre-made breakfast burritos

Pre-made oatmeal


Peanutbutter and Jelly

Dips (guacamole, salsa, hummus)


Half a gallon of milk

Orange Juice

Wine (cause duh!)

Coffee and creamer


granola bars


Trail mix

protein bars

Most of the food we brought to the cabin was pre-made, I wanted to make sure I didn't spend a lot of time cooking, after all, it was a family vacation and I needed a break as well so the simpler the better. Again, we were expecting a snow storm so we had to plan accordingly.


blankets and sheets



snow sleds

snow gear (Jackets, pants, boots, gloves etc.)

snow chains

small heater


toilet paper


dish washing sponge

Board games (we spent most our nights playing board games and cards so definitely bring this with you)

We contemplated going out and exploring but our cabin was so cozy and we had so much snow around that there really was no need for us to go anywhere. We were able to play in the snow and even got a chance to go sledding. It really worked out for us and I would totally recommend this route for anyone with little kids. Sometimes driving up for a day and finding a place to play in the snow may not be ideal and could be dangerous because of so many people pulling up to the side of the road. Better to be safe and plan accordingly and with time.

Here's a list of places to visit just for a day to play in the snow in Big Bear, Ca.

If you do plan to go just for a day, here are some fun options to keep in mind.


Snow Play


(Adventure pass required for parking):

Booking a vacation doesn't have to be expensive. We stayed for two nights and three days for only $400 dollars including cleaning fees and taxes. Not sure if we got lucky but it sure seemed affordable to us. Reading reviews also helped us make a decision to book when we did. Booking ahead of time is so convenient and I would encourage you to do it, but I also know that it might not be ideal for most, so if you do get stuck booking last minute know that there are lots of affordable options. Booking through Airbnb was a breeze and I would totally recommend it. Here's a list to our little romantic open-beam cabin.

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Angie G.


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