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Easy and Fun Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I'm figuring out different ways to spoil not only my husband but the kiddos too. I’ve always done nice little treats for them like gift baskets and candy bags but most recently I thought it would be so cute if I made a Valentine's Day candy charcuterie board. I’ve never done one before but I see them going around and have become so popular recently I wanted to have a go at it.

I added some chocolate strawberries that I got from my friend @racheys.custom.creations, my youngest loves fruit so I wanted to incorporate some fruit in the mix and my oldest loves chocolate (just like his mama) so I had to make sure I added chocolate too.

I love the theme Valentine’s Day cookies and cupcakes which you can add to your board, you can find those at any grocery store, they are so good with bringing out theme treats before each holiday. I also wanted to give it a nice healthy touch with all the candy that was involved that I added the option of healthy veggie chips and it totally worked out because the chips came with little heart shapes, super cute for the presentation.

Another cute thing I didn’t add to the board but I made as a treat for my kids is jello! My kids love jello and I also wanted to make it with a Valentines Day twist. I added a little bit of gelatin to make my jello firm enough to cut with our Valentine’s Day cookie cutters.

The kids were having such a fun time cutting their jello into heart shapes and kisses. I could have also incorporate some jello on to my board but the boys ate the jello in no time. It is such a fun way for them to participate and celebrate the with you. I got a few heart shaped jello kisses and it made me really happy to see how much fun they were having.

All the treats, all the sweets🍭🍫🍬 I’ve connected with some amazing galentines to share some blogs featuring valentines desserts! Brownies, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, charcuterie boards and more! Head to each of their blogs to check out what they are sharing.

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Angie G.

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