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The Sweeter Taste of Life

The Complete Guide to Sea World San Diego Seven Seas Food Festival

Updated: Mar 10

I’ve done many other great food festivals before at theme parks but I have never been to the Seven Seas Food Festival at Sea World San Diego. This was our first time visiting the park specifically for their food festival and let me just say, I truly enjoyed it. My kids and I were excited because we love food festivals, we love food period!. I was concerned that the festival would entail lots of sea food which I was excited about but I was worried for my kiddos since they are not big sea food fans. To my surprise I learned that the Seven Seas Food Festival would consist of 25+ unique recipes from around the world, so I was relief and I immediately started planning for our trip.You can choose from Over 125+ Mouthwatering Options, Including 75+ Local Craft Brews, and 25+ Cocktails & Wines.

Seven Seas Food & Beverage Sampler Lanyards

You have two options to choose from and bot

Seven Seas Food & Drink Sampler - 15 Tastings

Enjoy 15 food or beverage tasting options from any of Sea World's Seven Seas Food Festival locations to chart your tasting course.

Seven Seas Food & Drink Sampler - 10 Tastings

Enjoy 10 food or beverage tasting options from any of Sea World's Seven Seas Food Festival locations to chart your tasting course. This is the sampler that we got. Each on of us had a total of 10 tasting per lanyards and it was really more than enough.

Tickets and Prices

Save up to 30% Seven Seas Food & Drink Sampler - 15 Tastings


Save up to 20% Seven Seas Food & Drink Sampler - 10 Tastings


More info here.

Check out my previous post about Fun cards.

Flavors of SoCal

We Being that we are from SoCal it's was only natural that we wanted to explore this menu. I am a sushi lover and have been wanting to get my kids into eating for sea food this year so we had to check them out and I'm so glad we did.

NEW! California Hand Roll Krab, Avocado, Cucumber, Wasabi

Coming from someone who loves sushi, this was so tasty. Love the crunchy cucumber and avocado.

NEW! Lobster, White Cheddar Kraft Heinz Mac n Cheese

I had initially ordered this for me to try it out but you really can't say Mac n Cheese having a 5 year old around. The minute I had it on my hands my son was already requesting for a test and he absolutely loved it. He gave it two thumbs up!


Being that I am Mexican, I couldn't pass up on the Mexican Food! I HAD to try something from this menu and when I heard they had Nachos and Tacos, we literally ran! my boys love Mexican food, of course they do because 80% of what I cook is Mexican!

NEW! Beef Barbacoa Taco Pico de Gallo, Salsa Roja, Cotija Cheese, Lime Wedge

My oldest was the one who tried this beef barbacoa taco, he loves flour tortillas so he was excited to try this out. I didn't even get a chance to have a taste because he ate it so fast it disappeared within seconds. That's how tasty it must have been.

NEW! Brisket Nachos Smoked Sliced Brisket, Pickled Jalapeños, Cilantro Crema, Scallions I was totally ok with not getting a taste of the beef barbacoa taco because I ordered some nachos, and they were so delicious. It was also a big portion so you can definitely share this with another person.

NEW! Mexican Roasted Corn Cotija Cheese, Cilantro, Tajín Crema, Lime

I ended up ordering a corn on the side to give it a try. I love corn on the cob and when I saw that it was in a cup I got super excited about it. Just added some chalula to it and it was instantly delicious.


NEW! Spicy Poke Bowl Tuna, Seaweed, Edamame, Avocado, Cucumbers, Wonton Crisps, Chili Dressing It had been a while since I had poke, so I was very excited to try this bowl. The fresh tuna was absolutely delicious and the edamame gave it the ultimate touch. Definitely check this one out.


NEW! Fontina Cheese Meatballs Pomodoro Sauce, French Bread

There were two things that we got from the Italy menu, we ended up getting the meatballs which my oldest son devour, but we also paired it with a pizza from the kid's menu which is also counted as a taste sample FYI.


Ok guys! Hands down this was my favorite station. Don't miss out and be sure to check this stand out. This is literally ranking on the top of my list. I pretty much loved everything on this menu.

NEW! Hummus & Parmesan Garlic Fries Hummus with Chili Oil

I love hummus and had never had it with fries, this is seriously the best thing ever. Now I don't know how I can go back to having my hummus with peta bread or cucumbers. I would have never guessed that hummus with fries would make such a fantastic combination. I think this was my favorite sample out of everything I tried. These fries are a must!!

Lamb Slider

Tzatziki Mint Sauce, Shaved Cucumber

This slider was also tasty and the shaved cucumber made it all come together. This is definitely a must try.

NEW! Greek Yogurt & Honey Poached Berries, Mint

This was another food item that was gone within seconds. My 5 year old loves yogurt and fruit so this was the perfect treat for him. I kid you not, it didn't last him a full minute. That's how delicious this was.

NEW! Sweet Beignets Bourbon Caramel

As most of you know, we are huge beignets lovers. We recently made them at home and they came out amazing. I will just say that they punched my sample card three times. That's the amount of servings we asked for. Each sample came with two beignets, so yup! we had a total of 6 beignets two for each one of us. We had initially placed one order but they were so good we had to place two more orders. Also, highly reccomend.


NEW! Goat Cheese Croquettes Honey, Fresh Thyme

This was my first time trying goat cheesed balls, I had never had them before and wanted to give them a try. The cheese was a little bitter for my liking but the combination of the croquettes gave it a delicious crunchy taste.