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The Sweeter Taste of Life

TANAKA PUMPKIN FARM is now open and here's what you need to know.

Things maybe looking a little different this year but with all of whats going on one thing is for sure, we want to continue experiencing all of the beautiful traditions we are used to all while doing it safely.

This fall our trip to Tanaka Farms was just as wonderful as previous years. We had the opportunity to visit the farm with our friends from the OC Mommy Blogger Tribe and we had a wonderful time. Tanaka provided the safest and most amazing experience.

Here's what you’ll need to know before you visit:

Reservations are required* we made our reservation ahead of time by pre registering online, it was quick and easy. Please keep in mind time slots are expected to sell out quick so the sooner you make your reservations the better. Please note: All U-Pick Activities are currently by reservation only. No walk-ups or on-site registration is allowed. You can place your reservation here.

Parking is also free. Upon entry you’ll see the road split in two, one lane takes you to the Pumpkin Patch parking while the other directs you to their drive ups/ picks ups. Please make sure you drive slow as there are lots of people getting in and out of their cars.

Please note that while visiting Tanaka Farms all visitors 3 years and older are required to wear a mask.

This year Tanaka Farms is providing 2 experiences:

First option:

The U-Pick Pumpkin with Wagon Ride:

Runs from Monday through Friday from September 21st through October 30th.

This option includes a wagon ride led by one of their friendly tour guides around their beautiful 30 acre farm. This was the option we decided to go with since we were looking forward to them launching a pumpkin with their pumpkins cannon, which is something my kids look forward to every year.

This year there is so much stuff to look at. Tanaka got so creative with their fields and added lots of beautiful pumpkin decorations. From their amazing sunflower field to their awesome scare crow field full of scarecrows from those who participated in their yearly scarecrow competition.

The wagon ride will also take you through the barnyard educational exhibit where they keep their farm animals. We were able to see some goats, pigs and the cutest little donkey. Please note that you will not be able to exit the wagon for this activity, you will be able to see the animals from the wagon.

This option also includes the U-Pick veggies experience where you get a chance to go on their vegetable fields and pick out your own vegetables which include carrots, radishes, and cilantro (my personal favorite since I use it a lot for cooking). Wagons Depart Every 10 minutes!

Last but not least, with this option you get the pick your own pumpkin from the pumpkin field. The best part is you get to pick whichever pumpkin you want no matter the size.


All persons ages 3 and over ($25 per person)

2 Years and Under (FREE, but do not receive items included)

Active and Retired Military (FREE, ID required at check-in)

*Notice about Social Distancing on the Wagons:

In order to maintain social distancing, capacity has been cut down. Wagon rides will include 16-20 people per departure. There are two wagons per tractor and you will be seated depending on how you register. It was quick and easy for us, we were able to be spaced out from other families which worked out great for everyone onboard.

Second option:

The Drive-Thru Pumpkin Farm Experience:

This experience runs every Saturday and Sunday from September 19th through October 31st. This option is an in vehicle experience for those who want to enjoy the experience from their own car. This will include a ride around their 30 acre farm at your own leisure. You will have the ability to enjoy all the beautiful pumpkin displays on the fields, scarecrow contest display, sunflower field and more. You will not be exiting your vehicle, except for one optional stop where you will pull off the path to pick your pumpkin.


All persons ages 3 and over ($20 per person)

2 Years and Under (FREE, but do not receive items included)

Active and Retired Military (FREE, ID required at check-in)

Public Drinking Water Is Not Available. Bring your own or bottled water is available for purchase at $2.00 bottle.


Tanaka Farms is conveniently located in the heart of Irvine! Just south of the 405 Freeway off University Drive.


Normal daily operating hours for Drive Thru Produce Market Stand are:

9am to 5pm. Hours may vary on holidays.

Other things to consider:

  • Hand Sanitizer is available at several locations, including at Check-In and on the wagons.

  • Single use containers (bags/boxes) to place picked items in for safety.

  • Sanitize the wagons regularly.

We had the most amazing time and really enjoyed our visit. We can’t wait to carve our pumpkins and look forward to displaying them on our porch for Halloween.

Also, Be sure to Pin this post for later!

What you'll need to know before you visit!

Hope you have a sweet day!

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