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Cinemark hits the Mark!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Cinemark Century Stadium 25 recently completed its renovations and they were nothing short of amazing!!!⁣⁣


We had a movie gathering presented by the @socaldisneymoms for a fun way to meet other ladies who have a passion for Disney and blogging. We had the opportunity to see the movie Charlie's Angels, which was the perfect movie to watch with a group of empowering women. The theme for the night was 70's attire (paying tribute to the original Charlie's Angels). All the ladies got a chance to hang out and really interact with one another because we had Greg (Cinemark Manager) who was so accommodating to us that we really didn't have to do much. (Big thanks to Greg for the wonderful service).

We chose Century Stadium 25 in Orange because we learned about their renovations and we wanted to see first hand all of the recent upgrades. The theater added whole new auditoriums seating and replaced their old seats with Luxury Loungers. Now, I'm a home body and I love snuggling up with a warm throw and enjoy a movie from the comfort of my own home, well guess what? After my experience at Cinemark with the newly installed seats that come with a built in heater, I will dare to say it felt like I was watching the movie at home. These Loungers come with low to hi temperature setting that was perfect for when it gets chilly, best part of it all are that they come equipped with a footrest, cup holder and a little swivel tray for all of your snacks to go on.


One of the best features this theater offers is being able to reserve your seats online. You can reserve your seats as soon as the movie you want to watch becomes available. You can reserve your tickets online, through the kiosk or the user-friendly⁣⁣ Cinemark app so that you don’t have to rush to get a good seat.⁣


Speaking about good seats, there is not one bad seat in the auditorium. Cinemark is known for their XD screens which stretch from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, making it great for everyone. ⁣⁣No matter where you seat in the auditorium you are sure to find a great spot to watch your favorite movies.


Part of the upgrades also included the expansion of the cafe which included:⁣⁣


•Bar with beer or wine⁣⁣


•Dryers Ice cream⁣⁣

•Pizza Hut⁣⁣ pizza

•and extra available seating⁣⁣


This is so convenient for those days where you just want to hang out after the movie but don't really want to drive elswhere. Love that they serve Starbuck and they even have a barista whipping up your favorite drinks.

You can also find the regular snacks at the concession stand and an awesome little arcade for the kids to play in. ⁣⁣Cinemark offers a variety of snacks ranging from the usual popcorn and candy to Nachos and hotdogs.

Hope you get to experience the newly renovated Cinemark! I highly recommended you visit soon. ⁣⁣

Have a sweet day!⁣

Sponsored by Cinemark ⁣

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