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The Sweeter Taste of Life

Cinemark 18+XD Theatre at HHLA

The So Cal Disney Moms along with the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe had the opportunity to visit Cinemark 18+XD at the newly renovated HHLA center to watch a screening of Onward.

We were all excited to get together and have our families finally meet. As a So Cal Disney Mom, I love watching lots of Disney movies. This movie in particular pulled on my heartstrings because it was about two boys and I have two boys. The movie focuses on the brothers going on a quest to find magic but instead end up finding each other. This movie was so emotional for us because it encompasses the true meaning of brother love, something we constantly try to teach our boys. To always be there for each other and love one another.

And speaking about love, I love that we were able to watch the movie all together. Cinemark graciously invited us to a screening where we were able to check out their theater and the new and improve Howard Hughes Center.

HHLA at the heart of LA

Construction is finally over and the renovations for HHLA (formally known as the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center) has been completed! It's got a new name and a new look!

If you live in LA's Westside you'll be glad to know that you can now visit the HHLA Center without the hassle of dealing with construction. The center features the world-class Cinemark 18+XD Theatre, along with iconic retail brands and eclectic restaurants. If you're a foodie, shopper, or a family that seeks adventure like we are, this is the place for you.

The newly renovated HHLA is an innovative landmark with Insta-worthy aesthetics. Conveniently located off the 405 freeway, the brand new space with modern entertainment experiences all set within a walkable location. Perfect hangout spot away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Parking Rates:

The HHLA parking structure is located off Center Drive with two convenient entrances.

Reserved spaces are available for guests picking up take-out food from any of the restaurants. Look for 30 minute free parking spaces on Level B1 for easy access.

0-30 Minutes — Free

31 Minutes – 1 Hour — $2.00

1 Hour to 4 Hours — $3.00

Each Additional Hour — $2.00

Maximum Daily Rate — $9.00

Lost Ticket Pays — $9.00

Cinemark 18+XD

We had a movie gathering with the @socaldisneymoms and the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe for a fun family play date.

Cinemark 18+XD is the newest digital movie experience with a contemporary design and soft seating. One of the best features this theater offers is being able to reserve your seats online. You can reserve your seats as soon as the movie you want to watch becomes available.

For your convenience, Cinemark offers a Kiosk for QR code scanning and the user-friendly⁣⁣ @cinemark app with a variety of seating options for D-Box, 3D, XD auditoriums. Cinemark is known for their XD screens which stretch from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, making it great for everyone. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣⁣ In addition, Cinemark features a full-service restaurant "Studio Eats" with amazing food and drinks and a full wine bar on site; perfect for groups or date night.

The theater will also validate your parking.

Hope you take sometime with your family and enjoy the new renovations at HHLA shopping center and stop for a movie at Cinemark.


6081 Center Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045

With summer being just around the corner HHLA is the perfect place for a fun family adventure.

To keep up with other fun events and adventures follow me here and if you're a Southern California Disney Mom and would like to find out about future events and meet ups, follow me at @socaldisneymoms.

Hope you have a sweet day!

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